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Unlike ordinary wristbands, HELO LX is not limited to monitoring and reporting physical data. HELO LX has active sensors recording emotions, fatigue, sleep quality, exercise, blood pressure, heart rate and ECG, and add-ons such as minerals and stones that directly influence the human body.
  • Blood Pressure

    HELO LX monitors both low & high blood pressure. High BP also known as hypertension, increases the risk of stroke, heart attack and kidney failure. It can narrow and block arteries, as well as strain and weaken the body’s organs.


    An electrocardiogram (EKG or ECG) is a test that measures the electrical activity of the heartbeat. Measure your ECG/EKG with the HELO LX.

  • Steps, Distance & Calories

    Whether your goal is to lose weight or train for a specific event. HELO LX will accuratly track your steps, distance & calories.

  • SOS GPS Locator

    HELO LX is not only a continuous vital monitoring device, but also a useful companion if you are in trouble.

  • Reporting

    As well as your vitals the HELO LX monitors your sleep quality, mood, fatigue and breath rate.

  • So Much More...

    The next HELO LX update will include monitoring blood-glucose levels, oxygen levels, blood-alcohol levels and much more.

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Change your life FOREVER!

Helo LX App allows you to monitor vital signs in real-time. Reduce stress, guardian feature and increase energy.

Help is just a press away

Whether its a child, family member or friend, HELO LX provides an extra measure of safety and peace of mind.

Get instant alerts and notifications.

Guardian feature advises your loved ones if your measurements are not in the correct range through SMS and in-app messages.

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Frequently Asked Questions

HELO LX? Is it just a smartband?

HELO LX is not just a smartband. It is a personal device that monitors your vital signs. Thanks to a dedicated app with the latest generation sensors, HELO LX is not only able to monitor important parameters, but is also able to provide hints and analysis in order to help you improve your health and life style.

What are HELO LX's main features?

HELO LX monitors heart rate, blood pressure and it delivers ECG (electrocardiogram) readouts. As well as a complete HRV analysis to indicate "mood" and "fatigue". Through an analysis software matrix, it also provides parameters to assess the quality of your sleep, health and lifestyle.

Does the HELO LX need a smartphone?

Yes, the HELO LX uses a Bluetooth connection to work with your smartphone (download the dedicated app).
HELO LX is also able to monitor your parameters for 72 hours without Bluetooth connection and then it synchronizes data to the App as soon as you connect.

What is the battery life of the HELO LX smatband?

The HELO LX battery, is a high efficiency lithium battery. Its duration varies from 3 to 5 days, depending on the use of the device.
There is no need to turn the smartband off since the device will go into standby as soon as the software detects little user activity.

What is the HELO LX panic button ? How does it work?

Pressing the button twice on the side of the HELO LX case, activates a signal that sends a text message through your phone indicating your GPS location coordinates, together with a preset SOS message to all your present numbers.

May I also monitor the health of my relatives and friends?

Yes, you can, through WeCare It is an advanced feature of the HELO LX App that allows you to add as many contacts as you like, in order to monitor their vital parameters.

Your contacts will decide whether or not to allow you to read their data.
It is a very useful function, especially in a family with children and elderly.

May I have my doctor read my health personal data from the HELO LX?

Of course, data can be sent via email directly to the person that you want to. Your doctor will be able to evaluate your body behavior, day by day, and draw useful information for a better and more complete diagnosis.

What are the supplied titanium plates for?

Over the entire length of the hypoallergenic silicone band, you can install small titanium plates which contain specifically designed stones which give special benefits to your body. Offering tips and suggestions on how you can improve your health and prevent some deseases.

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